Mississippi Silicon
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Welcome to Mississippi Silicon

Mississippi Silicon is the first domestic manufacturer of raw silicon metal built in the past 40 years and produces approximately 10% of all silicon metal used in the United States. 

In that time, similar plants have been built all around the world. We have made great progress since our launch in late 2015, and our facility directly competes with facilities in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil. We sell our silicon metal to customers that supply thousands of consumer, industrial and commercial markets in North America and around the world.


Silicon metal is a semi-conductive metalloid element that serves as a crucial component in thousands of products, from electronics to steel to automotive parts.


Most people encounter products made with silicon metal several times every day without realizing it.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about silicon metal, how it is used, and how we manufacture it.  We look forward to continuing our success as a reliable supplier of high-quality silicon metal, and an increasing source of jobs for the residents of northeast Mississippi.


Mississippi Silicon invested over $200 million in their Burnsville, Mississippi production facility.


We are proud to be in Burnsville, Mississippi and to contribute to the growth and development of our region.

We work with Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky companies that supply our key raw materials, and with the Tennessee Valley Authority as a reliable source of competitively-priced electricity. We are grateful for the support of Tishomingo County and the Mississippi Development Authority, coordinated through the leadership of Governor Phil Bryant.

Mississippi Silicon is a strategic partnership between the Vicintin Family and Cleantech I LLC. The Vicintin Family is the majority owner of Mississippi Silicon, and they also own Rima Industrial S/A, a leading ferroalloy and non-ferrous producer in Brazil. Clean Tech I LLC is a group of strategic investors and financial advisers.


Mississippi Silicon is committed to providing customers with the best value and high-quality products, continuously improving as an organization, and maintaining compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Reliable quality management ensures high-quality products and services. This is reflected in our newest ISO quality management certification from Dekra. Our quality standards of the production and supplying of refined silicon metal, including its byproducts, to a number of industries around the world, have met the requirements for this renowned certification. This is not only a testament to the commitment we have to our customers and partners, but also of the accountability we hold ourselves to.