Mississippi Silicon is a strategic partnership between the Vicintin Family of Brazil and CleanTech LLC. The Vicintin Family owns Rima Industrial S/A, a leading ferroalloy and non-ferrous producer in Brazil and is the majority owner of Mississippi Silicon. CleanTech LLC is an investment partnership that includes John Correnti, former chief executive officer of Nucor Steel, and Global Principal Partners, a group of strategic investors and financial advisers.In addition to the equity investors, Mississippi Silicon is supported by partners in critical areas that are experienced and globally recognized in their various disciplines. Mississippi Silicon’s primary technology partners are Germany’s SMS Siemag the leading supplier of submerged arc furnace technology in the world, and Brazil’s Rima Industrial S/A, the fourth largest silicon metal producer in the world. Tennessee Valley Authority, a US government owned and self-financed power company and one of the largest and most diversified power suppliers in the US will be Mississippi Silicon’s electricity partner. The commercial partner and the exclusive sales representative for Mississippi Silicon is Polymet Alloys, Inc., with more than thirty years of experience in silicon metal sales in the United States. Financing for the project is being provided by KFW Bangengruppe of Germany, augmented by a variety of federal, state, and local grants and loans.


Mississippi Silicon’s executive management team is led by two industry veterans with extensive experience operating and managing silicon metal facilities in the United States. Dave Tuten is the President and CEO of Mississippi Silicon, and John Lalley is Vice President of Finance. The Board of Directors of Mississippi Silicon consist of Ricardo Vicintin, Rima Industrial CEO and President, John Correnti, and Braulio Lage, Polymet Alloys’ President.

The silicon metal produced at the new facility will be sold throughout the United States and used in a broad range of industries, including aluminum, automotive, and chemical industries. Silicon metal is used in thousands of applications and its consumption in the United States and worldwide continues to increase.